For the Love  of Toffee Sampler

For the Love of Toffee Sampler

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For the Love of Toffee has unique flavors offering a nutty rich, buttery, sweet and salty surprise in each delicious bite.  Toffee is made and packaged by hand using only the finest quality all-natural ingredients.   The recipe uses nuts as the #1 ingredient and they are abundant in every single piece.  The confection has a softer texture and mouth-feel that's not hard and sticky like most toffees you've tasted.

A beautiful giftbox with a combination of all three toffee flavors.

Spicy Pecans & Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Pecans, butter, granulated sugar, dark chocolate, confectioners sugar, cayenne pepper & salt.

Coconut, Almonds & Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Almonds, butter, granulated sugar, coconut, dark chocolate & salt.

Salted Peanuts & Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Peanuts, butter, granulated sugar, dark chocolate & salt.

12 oz total; 4 oz each flavor

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