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The warm weather here! (Finally) 

For all of you warm-weather loving fashionistas, the Spring and Summer is a fun time to get creative with new styles and new colors. 

A lot of us try to steer clear from buying vibrant colors fearing that they will be "too much" or it would be hard to pair. 

We're here to help you change that!

Who doesn't love to try something new? Color instantly upgrades your wardrobe, and the looks you can create are endless? 


Colors are expressive, enhancing and can even boost our moods!

Light pink is known to have a calming, youthful effect while hot pink creates a sense of energy, passion and vibrancy... interesting right? 

Colors also are constantly enhancing the person wearing them. If you have blue eyes and you're wearing a light blue top, odds are you've probably heard ("wow that color is making your eyes pop!") Just as if you have darker eyes, contrast shades like cobalt blue or coppery shades will enhance them. 

Pairing colors is extra simple in the warm weather. White jeans/shorts will be your best friend! Colors can almost always seamlessly be paired with neutrals (black , white , beige , gray , cream.... etc.). 


Now to the fun part! 

Every season brings a new trend, isn't it crazy to think that colors are one?! 

Here are some spring time trending colors.. 


1.) Sunset Orange: 


"Tanya Tangerine Pants", "Ashby Top"

2.) Kelly Green 


("Gia Goddess Dress", "Spring In Green" top and bottoms). 

3.) Pink (any shade, really!) 


 ("Fuchsia Boyfriend Blazer" , "Bria Baby Pink Layer Romper") 


 Hopefully this inspired you to add in some vibrancy to your spring and summer wardrobe! At Beciga we're here for any of your styling needs! 

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