Looking & Feeling Fabulous on Valentine’s Day


It’s just about that time again! Roses, chocolate, romance and most importantly your outfit!.... Just kidding, your valentine. (Actually… your outfit.) When it comes to celebrating that special day with your special someone, you want to feel like your best self… who wouldn’t?! Feeling like the best version of ourselves gives us the confidence that is essential to a fabulous date. Whether it’s soft and feminine, blingy and luxurious,  a little bit edgy, or traditional you need to “do you” on Valentine’s Day. Beciga has  you covered for any Valentine's Day look.  By the way...who says you can only wear red on Valentine's Day??  Soooo many options...


The staple to any special occasion outfit is a sparkling piece to add with it. Most times, one piece of jewelry can accentuate the entire outfit itself. Jewelry can accentuate your outfit and your beauty as well! Wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry brightens up your natural features and enhances your natural beauty. 

Simple Yet Timeless...

 Dayne Necklace


  Georgetown Necklace



 Mini North Star Coin Drop Hoop


Just a little Extra and Bling....

 Athena Necklace

 Coco Chain


What am I wearing????

We’ve come a long way from “playing it safe”. Why not get creative?! Of course, you can still stick to the traditional route (more on that later) but it’s 2022 and the fashion world is evolving more than ever! Let's go through some styles that emulate romance no matter what your style is. 

Something about lace…

Lace has been around since…. forever!  It just keeps getting better as it evolves, and is always in style. Countless designers put lace looks on the runway to portray beauty and romance! It doesn’t come as a surprise! Lace gives an effortlessly feminine chic look no matter what it’s paired with. 

 Sloan Balloon Sleeves Open Knit Sweater Top


Rosy Lace Flower Henley


 Laya Lace Crochet Top


The tops shown above are all neutrals, which makes them versatile and can be paired with just about anything!  Whether you pair it with an amazing pair of denim and a heel, a skirt and tights, or even BETTER a pair of leather pants! 

Luxe & Leather….

Another huge trend on the rise this year is sequins & faux leather. What’s not to LOVE with these show stoppers?? Wear pieces of art and have that  “WOW” moment!!  Just go for it! 

 Faux Leather Ruffle Top

Niah Leather Paperbag Pants

Traditionally Gorgeous!

Last but not least, the traditional V-Day look. Classic will never go out of style. Red represents love and passion. It’s always a great choice to represent it on this special day. Red looks amazing on all skin tones, and believe it or not it IS a neutral! Which again, makes it super easy to pair.

Rylie Round Neck Ruffled Knit Top Sassy Retro Leather Top

  Sarai Boat Neck Sweater Top

We hope you enjoy your special day with your Valentine! Beciga is available to help you with all your styling needs.





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