What Do I Wear to A Christening?

What to wear to a Christening?

I will be attending a Christening on Sunday and thought to myself what shall I wear? All I could think about was that aristocratic image of the beautiful Kate Middleton and the precious Princess Charlotte in a pale grand outfit topped off with a superb hat. Like weddings there is a formality of dressing that is expected for the guests that are attending such a special event. The good news is unlike weddings you can wear any color and not be worried about event superstitions or color biased clothing guidelines.

However, this occasion calls for an outfit that covers your shoulders and that isn’t mini in length. I feel that too short, will pay special attention to the length of your dress and be inappropriate and could be offensive.

Because Christenings are less “dressy” than weddings, unless you are the Godparent or Parent you don’t have to fret that you must buy a new outfit last minute and can probably can wear something that is already in your closet.

So what DO you wear to a christening?

Most christenings take place in a church, or other religious building, so the appropriate attire or dress codes is that you should wear more or less what you’d wear to church. However, what about those of us who don’t attend church? Some guests really do not have a clue of what to wear to a christening!

I feel an outfit that is less formal than a wedding but much more formal than a BBQ would be appropriate. However, keep in mind season and weather issues.

What to wear to a christening following are some suggestions…

A dress (make sure it’s not too short or otherwise revealing)

Tailored pants with a dressier blouse/top.

A skirt and jacket/blouse that is more on the conservative side rather than sexy side. However, remember it can be sophisticated and stylish.

A suited skirt or pants.

Pant, skirt or dress with a pretty cardigan, shrug or other wrap: churches can be cold, whatever the time of year.

Since it is a happy occasion you can wear any color or pattern. Bright colors are pretty since it’s a happy occasion, so wear bright colors that are great, without being critical.

Don’t forget to accessorize with a statement necklace, earrings or handbag to add life to simpler outfits.

Do not wear the following to a christening!





Uggs Boot & Shoes


Nightclub wear including micro minis and a sheer- tops or cropped tops.

A ball gown or anything to glitzy or “evening black tie wear”.

Do not consider outfits that are outlandish or too dramatic. The Baby, Parents and Godparents should be the center of attention.

Can you or should you wear black to a christening?

Sure, why not? Christenings are happy occasions, and you’re there to celebrate with family and friends. The key to wearing black it is to make sure you don’t look too severe and give the impression you are in mourning. So add bright or pastel accents to make your outfit lively.

Wearing jeans to a christening?

Absolutely No! No! No! Show your hosts that you’ve made at least a little bit of effort to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Do you have to wear a hat to a christening like Kate Middleton?

You don’t, but only if you can or if you want to and enjoy wearing hats.

Final Note:

So as with all events, all christenings are unique. I have given advice based on the research I have conducted regarding the “typical” kind of ceremony. Of course you will come across christenings that are dressier or more formal or less formal and more casual. The “style” certainly depends on your hosts. So when in doubt reach out to your hosts and ask them about the dress code and what they feel would be the most appropriate outfit for their event. Don’t forget to enjoy and have fun!

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