Falling into 2016 Autumn Fashion Trends Catwalk to Street-style

Toward the end of the summer we start daydreaming about what we could wear from New York Fashion Week catwalks. New York Fashion Week brings forecasting of next year’s biggest trends. We love to study runway trends and predict which ones will be embraced on the street and for everyday living or even on the red carpet. To be true, some styles wouldn't fly in the real world and for sure not in beautiful Sparta, NJ! We don’t think extra-long sleeves aren't the most practical option for everyday activities like, commuting, working, eating, or running with the kids. True?

Still too early to tell which styles people will take to, but there are trends each season that are much easier to wear than others, and we found them for you for the upcoming fall season. Not only are these trends accessible, they're also going to be showcased all over since they popped up in several designers' shows and retailers are actively stocking their stores with them.

Statement Faux or Real Fur / Animal Print

Overall, all kinds of both real and faux made a strong statement and showing on fall runways in various forms. The use of bold colors and prints really caught the eye of retailers. Leopard, snake, and giraffe prints will never truly go out of style, they're especially prevalent this season. Wearing it as you would a neutral is your best bet.

Pretty in Pink

Traditional Fall colors have added a new hue! Designers are inviting you to embrace a fresh palette, namely “ Modern Blush” or a “Rosey Pink”. The trend is softening up Fall styles splashed on a coat or worn head to toe. Which is now bolder, and not as sweet as you might remember. 

Liquid Metallic

Remember shiny gold attire which reminded you of glitzy grandmas or Las Vegas party girls. A strong showing on Fall 2016 runways, metallics—specifically gold—are poised to be a seasonal standout. Sparkle is done with subtle touch that are just as eye-catching but only easier to wear. Metallics are melted into fabrics, glassy and liquid-like, so the pieces look even better when they move.

Layer it

Designers introduced creative layers, evolving the dress into a jumper this season. The result is a sophisticated, modern version of the one you might have worn back in school.


Slim, stylish and colorful are the new power pantsuits for this season for a night out as it is for the boardroom.


Luxe Fabric 

As the chill sets in this Fall, velvet and corduroy are having its moment. Designers showcased the luxurious fabric on dresses and suiting making it the favored texture of the season. Corduroy with velvet, is an all-important texture for fall.  

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