What Do I Wear To Graduation?

What do I wear to on Graduation Day?

The Class of 2016 for High School and College is right around the corner! Future Grads and their families are discussing what to wear to graduation. We are sure that many of you already know what you’re going to wear and some of you may have planned your outfit’s months ago, but some of you are still scrambling for the “perfect outfit” for the memorable graduation.

Keep in mind styles of dress should be comfortably fashionable and shoes should accessorize to be stylish yet practical. Fashion and comfort are the two key elements for a memorable graduation outfit. Who says that comfy can’t be stylish?

Keep in mind there is no official Commencement dress code, but who doesn’t want a picture-perfect graduation outfit.

Following are some fashion tips to help guide you:

Just because you are wearing a robe, don’t think it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath. You will be busy during the day taking numerous photos with family and friends at the graduation, graduation dinner and parties. Your outfit should take you through the day and know it doesn’t end with the graduation.

Know your Shoes. Don’t try and break in new shoes the day of graduation. If you are accustomed to walking high heels and you feel they are comfy, that can work. However, consider a comfortable stylish wedge or adorable sandal. Flip flops on graduation day may not be appropriate but low sandal is with a strap.

Great Style

There are many styles of dresses that are fabulous for graduation. Consider a pretty A-line dress, a strapless dress , a beautiful patterned dress or a sophisticated solid-colored sheath. Just keep in mind that your dress should be the appropriate length and that it is flattering on your body and that you feel special. For super style, pair a neutral hued dress with a playful pair of heels in a fun, bright color. Match up a bold print dress with an elegant nude shoe. Be creative in your selection and let your true style shine.

Graduation is a life event that you will always look back upon. Whether you are the student graduating, or an invited guest you will be a part of that special day. Remember, the memory continues in the endless photographs of you taken that day. So, throw up your cap and celebrate the Class of 2016! Congratulations! 

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  • Elina Brooks

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